The Text of the Epic of Aino

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Analysis of the runes of the Aino tablets show they are similar to those of the Norse, which are based on the Phoenician alphabet. However, there are remarkable difference between Norse runes and the runes on the tablets. It appears the closest relative to the runes is that of the pictographs of the Hittites.

Likewise, Trupnow found that the language that the tablets were written in resemebled not only Luwian and Hittite, but Finnish (or Suomi). Much research has found that Luwian is perhaps the oldest known spoken Indo-European language, and that it was indeed the predecessor to the modern Latvian language. Trupnow proposed that the tablets were written in a language that was the "mother" of the Hittite, Luwian and Suomi languages.

Once Trupnow had deciphered the runes and discovered the Luwian/Hittite/Suomi connection, the translation began. New word forms emerged as he went, and he became bogged down with some of the lines of text. Progress on this translation will be documented and updated on this website periodically. Presently, the first six tablets have been translated.

Example of Hittite pictographs