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>Feb 17, 2002: Finally got translation of tablet 13, front side, done. The runes appear to be carved by a different hand. I have spent most my time studying the alternate names of the Tšntui. There are similarities between the following:
Tšntui = Finnish "tonttu", which means "brownie".
Tuš = Welsh "Duw", which means "god". Also bears a similarity to the Tuatha de Danaan of the Irish, but not sure if this is just coincidence.
Ylve = Anglo-Saxon "Ylve", and also the "Alf" of the Norse.
Atanu = I can find nothing on this. The "wide river" reference could perhaps mean the Tigris-Euphrates, or the Nile, but the name Atanu is certainly a foreign term compared to the language of the tablets. Will confer with persons more familiar with those languages to see if there is a correspondence to some local myth.

>Jan 18, 2002: Alan Trupnow emailed Kendal Selle his translations of tablets seven through twelve.

Jan 8, 2002: Ralph Rowlett asked to be removed from the mailing link. Alan Trupnow has now agreed to answer questions. Alan has completed scanning rubbings of tablets #120 to #145.

Jan 7, 2002: Have now received email that people are confusing Ralph Rowlett with a professor at MU. Also, I received Ralph's own deciphering of the runes and have posted them on the site for tablet 1. I will compare them with my own translations.

Jan 6, 2002: Recent information from outside interested parties has revealed that the picture of Stig Viksne is exactly the same as for an Olaf Olman, and that the stone portrayed is of the Kensington Runestone found in Minnesota. I will be researching further to found where the picture that I have came from. From the browsing I have done on the internet, it does appear that the picture I have is NOT Stig Viksne. But how it came into possession of Agris Mickus, I do not know. This new info does not shake my belief that the stones are for real, but it does make me wonder if some amount of deception is being played in regards to the photo.--Alan